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How to make a quick soup stock for hot pot?

It’s right time to enjoy a hot pot right now. Not only it can warm up body, but also it is easy to cook. If you don’t want use stock cube or boxed stock that may have too much food additives, here are some tricks to make soup stock.

Trick 1: Put dry kelp (around 15*10cm) in 2000c.c. water in refrigerator over night.It’s already a tasty stock. But you can put some dried bonito flakes into boiling stock for 30 seconds and add some soy sauce. It will become a perfect Japanes style stock.

Trick 2: Put lots of seasonal vegetable, like radish, Chinese cabbage, corn, tomato and mushroom into water and boil it for 10 to 15 mins. The point is to add clams which will make the stock more fresh and flavor.

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